“Get To Know Me” Power Point FREE Download

We all know that communicate is key, so when it comes to communicating about your child’s needs, the more information the better. 

When your child is entering into a new environment, such as school or camp, its always helpful to pass along key information that will allow the team to set them up for success. This includes: 

  • Information about your child’s age, grade, and family profile 
  • Information about your child’s interests 
  • Information about what your child is working on/needs support with 
  • Specific tools and accommodations that help them succeed in an environment
  • Recent accomplishments, milestones or events they have experienced 

Download our free “Get To Know Me” power point template which can be used for:

  • School
  • Extra Curriculars 
  • Camps 
  • Therapy 

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